Industrial Wipes

Industrial Wipes

Whether you work in the light or heavy industrial sector, you can find industrial wipes that meet the specific needs of your workplace at Chicopee. Don't take chances with your work environment or equipment. Take a look at our range of industrial wipes. When it's got to be clean, make sure it's Chicopee clean!

Full range of industrial wipes

There's a Chicopee industrial wipe for every job. If you're looking for a universal cleaning wipe, the Econoline is the perfect choice. The Super-Twill can take on just about anything, thanks to extra strength, size and durability. For more delicate jobs, reach for the Triko-Tex. And the Clean Room range is the complete solution for those working in critical environments.

Wipes for every professional

In addition to industrial wipes, Chicopee also offers a full range of cleaning wipes for professionals working in the automotive, medical, floor & surface, aftermarket, and food & service sectors.